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By: Administration with inputs from Risk Management Committee Posted: 07/05/2018

Risk Management Committee (RMC) spearheads Workshop on Incident Response Planning

The Risk Management Committee (RMC) of Ibra College of Technology (ICT) spearheaded a workshop on ‘Incident Response Planning’ at the College Main Hall, on April 25, 2018.

Mr. Qais Al-Amri, Business Continuity Project Manager of Information Technology Authority (ITA) facilitated the workshop to ICT staff. The workshop focused on the best strategies on how to effectively respond when experiencing unavoidable possible college risks. Correspondingly, the said workshop was followed by a real incident scenario discussion and open forum.

Finally, Dr. Azza Al-Maskari and Ms. Faiza Al-Harthy awarded the certificate and plaque of appreciation to Mr. Qais as a memento for his efforts in facilitating the said workshop.

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