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By: Administration with inputs from Department of Engineering Posted: 19/10/2017

Industrial Visit to OMANTEL

Students from Advanced Diploma in Electronics and Communication visited OMANTEL,Ibra on October 18, 2017.

The visit which is part of their course “Telecommunication II” in Advanced Diploma aims to improve the students understanding on the Mains Distribution Frame (MDF) and the following divisions of MDF such as Power section, INR and GSM.

Officials from OMANTEL Ibra, Engr. Said Mohammed Al Habsi, Engr. Shilandra Kumar, Mr.Saeed Al-Habsi, Engr. Ali Khalfan Al Busaidi and Ammar Rashid Al Harthi explained the working of various units in OMANTEL.

Students were able to gain knowledge on POWERNET ADSL tester device which measures the ADSL signal level from the customer point. Students saw the BTS and the associated units like Transceiver (TRX), Power amplifier (PA), Multiplexer, Antenna, Alarm extension system, Baseband receiver unit located in IBRA Hospital BTS in Safalat Ibra near the OMANTEL exchange. The students were accompanied by the Industrial Link Committee co- chair Mr.Ibrahim.

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