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By: Department of Information Technology with inputs from Industrial Link Committee Posted: 28/01/2018

IT Students Visit Omantel Ibra

The Industrial link committee of Information Technology Department arranged an industrial visit on Wednesday, 24 January, 2018 to Omantel, Ibra (safalah).

The objective of this visit was to provide and show real time operations and maintenance of Omantel telecommunication system to the students of ‘Network Fundamentals’ course. A total of 14 students were accompanied by the course teachers of this course. It was a four hour visit to ibra omantel telecommunication exchange.

Omantel network engineers presented the operations, maintenance activities and future plans of Omantel, in Ibra branch. Omantel network engineers also introduced the officials of Omantel to the students for interaction. Students actively participated in this interaction and felt very satisfied on being explained about generator room working process and explained about power supply types and battery types and process. After presentation, the students were taken to the top of the building and they explained about the types of antenna and operations, maintenance activities.

Omantel network engineers explained the operations of the old analog telephone system to today’s modern telecommunication system including the wireless communication system, live on Omantel. The students visited the whole exchange to observe the real-time operations, automatic switching and high speed transmission devices and their operations.

The students collected some samples of various types of cables and wires including fiber optic cable used in the transmission high way. The outcome of this visit was to give a clear idea on the latest trends in telecommunication technologies and operations of telecommunication exchange.

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