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By: Administration with inputs from Department of Engineering Posted: 9/11/2017

Engineering Staff visit Al Kamil Power Plant

The Department of Engineering organized an Industrial visit for Staff members from Electrical and Mechanical section to Al Kamil Power Plant on 7th November 2017. A total of 14 staff members visited the power plant. The objective of the visit is to provide an opportunity for teachers and supporting staff to expose themselves to industrial environment and collect information to enrich the delivery of the course. It was arranged by the two OJT coordinators, Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim & Dr. M. Nusrathulla through the Industrial Link Committee.

During the visit Mr. Mohammed Sultant Al Masroori, Plant Engineer, wholeheartedly welcomed us and arranged power point presentation for the technical team. Engr. Surya Praksh, gave a broad idea about the plant and explained its technical and functional aspects. Later they took us inside the plant and explained the practical aspect and its function

The power station at Al Kamil has three generating units. Each unit incorporates a gas turbine and an electrical generator. The turbine is coupled to the generator and both machines rotate at 3,000 revolutions per minute (or 50 Hz). The gas turbine has three main parts.

  • A compressor to pressurize the air.
  • A combustion chamber where fuel is mixed with the air and burnt.
  • A power turbine rotated by the hot combustion gases expanding through it.

Twenty-seven tons of air is drawn through large air filters each minute and then into the gas turbine compressor. This compresses the air from atmospheric pressure to 12 bar before flowing into the combustion chamber. Natural gas is mixed with the air and this is burnt creating a mixture of gases that is very hot and at high pressure. From the combustion chamber the gases expand through power turbine and rotate the turbine shaft.

The power turbine shaft is connected to the compressor and the generator. Two thirds of the power produced by the power turbine is used to compress the air in the compressor. The remaining 1/3 is used to drive the electrical generator. The 3 generator produces approximately 285 megawatts of electricity. This electricity is produced at 15,000 volts, which is then transformed from 15,000 volts to 132,000 volts by the generator step up transformers. The electricity is supplied to the Oman’s 132 kV electricity grid.

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