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Educational Technology Centre with inputs from Ms. Ledilyn D. Tinio 28/05/2017

ETC Conducted the Cyber Extortion and Network Security Seminar

Now a days, cyber-crimes are rampantly ravaging industries and organizations that might compromise an individual or organization’s data and network security and may result to loss of money and important resources. Educational institutions like Ibra College of Technology should lead the awareness campaign among citizens especially the youth.

Last 26th September 2017, Ibra College of Technology, conducted a seminar/workshop for its staff and students that discussed the importance of network security and opened their awareness on cyber-crimes that were happening over the network. The seminar/workshop entitled Cyber Extortion and Network Security was organized by Educational Technology Centre under the supervision of Mr. Abdullah Muslem Sulyaim Al-Maskari, Head of ETC Computer Services Section.

Experts from the industry were invited to talk about how cyber criminals might victimized citizens and organizations and what are the possible ways to battle, avoid and manage cyber attacks. Among the IT experts are Mr. Khamis Said Al Hosni, Network Engineer from the Directorate General of Education, Al Batinah North and Mr. Khalid Said Mohammad Al Rasbi an Information Security Specialist from National Centre for Information Safety.

More than 100 students and staff of Ibra College of Technology attended the seminar/workshop.

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