University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Ibra

Faculty and Staff


The Department runs five undergraduate programmes, namely Electronic & Communication, Electrical, Computer, Mechanical and Architecture. The department is planning to run Quantity Survey Engineering specialization.

Business Studies

The Department offers academic programs in Diploma, Advanced Diploma and B. Tech levels focusing on two specializations: Human Resource Management and Accounting and Finance.

Information Technology

The current IT program was implemented since the Academic Year 2003-2004, offering graduate programs in Diploma in Information Technology, and Advanced Diploma & Bachelor in various specializations like Networking, Database, Software Engineering, and Internet and e-Security.

English Language Program

The English Language Center offers intensive English training programs in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking at four levels in the Foundation Program : - Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4.

In addition to English, students also study Mathematics, Study skills, and Information Technology to acquire the basic knowledge they need to follow the college program(s) effectively.

The English Language Centre also offers Post Foundation courses to students in Information Technology, Engineering and Business: - Technical Writing I, Technical Writing II, Technical Communication and Public Speaking

Educational Technology Centre

The Educational Technology Centre primarily supports the educational mission of the college by providing technological resources and technical services.

As a centre, it becomes the backbone of the college and serves as a hub for the exploration and development of technology to support the teaching and learning process.

Being spearheaded by Mr. Robin Rohit Vincent, the centre takes pride on its commitment of excellence by achieving high standards of quality in training and technology-based technical services as to meet the continuing demands of the society.

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