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Asst. Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs

The Admininistrative and Financial Affairs is one of the three offices that work under the College Dean. The Office of the Admin and Financial Affairs is responsible for supervising the provision of college needs for human resources, administrative requirements, educational and training materials, and equipments, in accordance with the requirements of centres and departments.

Dr. Yousuf Bin Khamis Al-Mabsali
Assistant Dean
25587-885 ext 885

Academic Year 2019-2020
Organizational Chart

The Admin and Maintenance department plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the day to day affairs of the college. The department ensures that all the colleges’ resources (except educational technology) are in good working condition.

The department is responsible for conducting regular audits for the maintenance of the college’s resources.


  • Maintenance Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Farming Services
  • Transporation Services
  • Security Services
  • Supervision of the Restaurant
  • Preparing and arranging Expatriate accommodation
  • Preparing and arranging the main hall and other seminar rooms for college activities
  • Supply of safe drinking water
  • Supply of materials from store

For further information contact:
Mr. Hilal Abdullah Saeed Al-Masroori
Head of Department
AD107 - Admin Affairs Dept (HoD Office)

The administrative work of this department is carried out according to the action plan set by the Assistant Dean for Administration & Finance and according to the regulations of colleges of technology as well as the instructions issued by the College Dean and the Assistant Dean for Administration & Finance.

The college financial system is based on and related to the financial systems implemented by the Ministry of Manpower, and it is also related to the Ministry of Finance systems. All financial transactions are carried out in accordance with the college budget.

For further information contact:
Mr. Sami Sulaiman Sultan Al-Ismaili
Head of Department
AD110 - Finance Dept

The Human Resource department is one the most dynamic administrative departments of the college which is rather self-evident as it serves all the individual staff members from the day he/she joins the college till their last day in the college.

The department also supports and facilitates staff tasks and duties in order to ensure stability and comfort among the staff. The department is responsible for the various administrative tasks across all the different departments/centers.

These tasks are summarized in the following section:

  • To coordinate with the different centers and departments to identify their human resources needs (This includes the number of staff required and their qualifications, and relevant experience) and follow the required procedures to meet these needs.
  • To establish a database related to the human resources at the college.
  • To organize staff attendance, absence, and leaves and all the issues related to these processes.
  • To classify and analyze the various posts at the college.
  • To organize training courses that aim at enhancing the academic and administrative skills of all the staff at the college in coordination with the authorized committees at the college and the Ministry.
  • To coordinate with all the centers, departments, and specialists in order to develop the plan for staff appraisal for all the staff at the college, follow the required procedures and take the necessary measures in order to analyze the results.
  • To coordinate with all the different departments/centers in order to assess all the required skills and qualifications for the vacant posts, review the advertisement, coordinate the process of selecting the candidates, and then present their job applications to the concerned authorities in order to select the best candidates.
  • To ensure the best utilization of human resources.
  • To keep all expatriate staff’s and their families’ passports.
  • To get and renew the residency cards for the expatriates and their families.
  • To get and renew the visiting visa for expatriates staff’s relatives who are planning to come for a visit to the country.
  • To get and renew the house maid visa for expatriate staff who want to or already have a house maid.
  • Issue salary statements and ‘To whom it may concern’ letters upon the request of college staff.
  • To coordinate with the concerned authorities to issue medical insurance cards for the expatriate staff.
  • Tracking the financial compensations for expatriate staff and their families.
  • To write reports on staff performance for all the staff at the department.
  • To carry out any other tasks assigned by the Assistant Dean for Administration & Finance.

For further information contact:
Ms. Azza Suleiman Said Al-Maskari
Head of Department
AD103 - HR Dept