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Self-Access Centre (SAC) Library

Self-Access Centre (SAC) aims to enhance the learning process of both foundation English and specialization programmes for students enrolled at Ibra College of Technology.

This self-directed environment is where students practice with the materials presented in classroom lectures, as well as immerse themselves in the world of English.

SAC Library is equipped with Library Management System and a Portal (LMS) as a well-organized solution for easy and effective library transactions. This system offers the following features:

  • Maintains complete records of library collections;
  • Controls with RFID secured facility;
  • Performs comprehensive library transactions and reports;
  • Easy access to online library world
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The following guidelines should be followed when inside the Self-Access Center (SAC):

  • All students and staff are requested to log-in and out upon visiting and exiting the SAC in the log-in computer near the entrance.
  • No foods or drinks are allowed in the SAC except for bottled water.
  • English should be the only spoken language in the SAC.
  • You must leave things better than you’ve found it.
  • You must speak quietly at all times.
  • No veils are allowed in the S.A.C.
  • It is not allowed to use GSMs in the SAC otherwise it must be kept on silent mode.
  • Please turn off computers after use.
  • Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended, it is not the responsibility of the SAC staf for any lost.
  • No littering allowed in the SAC.
  • No printing and photocopying services in the SAC.
  • Please Note: For borrowing and returning books, kindly refer to the rules and guidelines for circulation.
SAC Library Collections

Library collections are available for circulation, with a borrowing period of 7 days and 30 days for Stundets and Staff respectively . Items can be renewed once if there are no reservations for them. Popular resources should not be renewed, however photocopies can be made. These resources consist of:

  • Books donated by the English Office/British Council in December 2008
  • Books donated by the PDO [Petrol Development of Oman]
  • Books donated by the Teachers
  • New books purchased by the Ministry

Total number of books - 5,414
Total number of titles – 2,266 [statistical data, updated AY2017-2018]

Reference Material

Various reference materials are available for in-house use only and can be photocopied if necessary. These are Dictionaries & Encyclopedias and are not for circulation.

Audiovisual Material

Various audiovisual materials are available, some are exclusively for reference purposes only. Copies of the originals are available for circulation.

Audiovisual material, discs consisting of Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, English Grammar Exercises]; Discs for listening; story tapes; Copies are divided into: story cassettes; stories on discs; discs consisting of encyclopedias, Dictionaries and English Grammar Activities. These are all new additions added to the collection since March 2008.


Daily newspapers are available to be read in the SAC only. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE FROM THE SAC.


Computers in both the girls and boys side’s are available to students and staff. Various computer programs for English are available on all computers in the SAC for students to use. No printers are available.

Projects and School Works

Teachers are requested to inform the SAC Staff of all prospective projects and school works before sending students to the SAC

LCD TV Sets \ VCR \ DVD Recorders and Players

TV, VCR, DVD recorders as well as the software, are available for use in the SAC primarily for students. Staff also have access to these resources. These resources are mainly to improve the listening skills, communication skills, vocabulary and grammar in the English language. All students should be encouraged to use these resources for educational purposes only.

The following activities can be conducted in the SAC through an online reservation as first-come first serve basis:

  • Class Activity
  • Book Report / Review
  • Academic Support Program
  • Writing Center / Program
  • SAC Orientation
  • Student Workshop
  • Vocabulary Log
  • Community Services
  • Staff Workshop
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Other Resources

Pamphlet collection started October 2008. Can be used by students as additional material for projects, consisting of various topics, from smoking on the campus to Oman’s heritage. These files are alphabetically arranged and are called ‘ready reference’. This resource is for students to be used in the SAC only, and can be photocopied for the students by their respective Teachers. An index of all topics in this collection is available.

Online Learning Resources are also available to help staff and students for their teaching and learning needs, please click the following links to access / view:

Learning Materials

ProQuest Learning Resources

For more info, please contact:

Erick C. Campano
EL104 - Self-Access Centre (SAC)
Elsie V. Isip
EL104 - Self-Access Centre (SAC)
SAC Hours
8:00am to 3:00pm
Sunday to Thursday

Centre News & Events

Awareness Program on Policy Management and Approved Policies for ETC Staff

with inputs from Ms. Elsie V. Isip/Mr. Erick C. Campano Posted: 23/04/2019

Policy is one of the essential aspects of any organization in directing and guiding in the achievement of its strategies and goals. read more...

ETC Participates in ICT Open Day 2019

with inputs from Mr. Erick C. Campano/Ms. Elsie V. Isip Posted: 19/03/2019

Educational Technology Center (ETC) participated in the ICT’s Open Day 2019 under the supervision of Mr. Wahab Al Hussini, Head of ETC and with the amiable support from Mr. Abdullah Musallem Al-Maskari and Mr. Majid Al- Mahrehzi, Head of Sections of Computer Services Section (CSS) and Library Services Section (LSS) respectively. read more...

ETC holds Workshop on ProQuest

with inputs from Ms. Elsie V. Isip/Mr. Erick C. Campano Posted: 10/02/2019

Selected staff from the center’s Library Services Section (LSS) and Educational Services Section (ESS) attended the workshop organized by the Higher College of Technology and ProQuest on 21st January 2019. read more...

Workshop on Google Docs

with inputs from Mr. Shiekh Tariq Mohmad Posted: 06/02/2019

As part of ETC’s aim to enhance and upgrade the skill-set of its staff, the Staff Development and Staff Support Committee spearheaded a training/workshop about the features and powers of Google Docs on January 31, 2019, at EL111. read more...

ETC Lab in-charge attend Installation and Use of Electronic Whiteboard Workshop

with inputs from Mr. Amit Kr. Ghosh/Mr. Erick C. Campano Posted: 04/02/2019

As part of staff development activities, the Educational Technology Center (ETC) Staff Development and Staff Support Committee (SDSSC) has initiated a workshop on Interactive Electronic Whiteboard, which was facilitated by Mr. Narciso P. Sala Jr. and Mr. Praveen Puttaswamy. read more...

ETC Participated the Seminar on Legal Legislation for Women Working in the Government Sector

with inputs from Ms. Huda Harib Amur Al-Maskari Posted: 03/02/2019

Under the patronage of Dr. Khalfan Mohammad Al-Fahdi, Director General of the General Directorate for Social Development of North and South Al-Sharqiya governorates, the Department of Social Development of Ibra and in cooperation with the Omani Women's Associations of Ibra and Al-Qabil held a seminar on Legal Legislation for women working in the Government Sector on 28th of January 2019. read more...

ETC Staff attend ProQuest Training

with inputs from Ms. Dolor P. Datuin Posted: 30/01/2019

Higher College of Technology, in collaboration with ProQuest, organized a one-day hands-on training session for Librarians of Technological Colleges on 21st January 2019. read more...

A Team of ETC System Developers Attended the Oracle Seminar at Kempinski

with inputs from Mr. Erick C. Campano Posted: 21/01/2019

A team of system developers from ETC attended a seminar held in Kempinski Hotel inside the The Wave in Muscat on the 16th of January 2019. read more...

Appreciation and Welcome Gathering Organized by ETC Staff for Mr. Robin and Mr. Wahab

with inputs from Mr. Robert G. and Ms. Elsie V. Isip Posted: 02/12/2018

A 2 in 1 gathering was organized by ETC Activity Team on 13th January, 2019 in ELC Hall for the outgoing and incoming head of the center. It was a mixed of emotions as the ETC crowd bid farewell with sadness and at the same time welcomed with warm wishes, the outgoing head Mr. Robin Rohit Vincent and the incoming head Mr. Wahab Salim Naser Al Hussini respectively. read more...

ETC Participated in ServiceDesk Plus Workshop

with inputs from Mr. Roland S. Ablian Posted: 02/12/2018

ETC staff attended the ServiceDesk Plus Workshop which was conducted last 30 October 2018 at Hotel InterContinental Muscat. read more...

ETC holds Risk Management Awareness Program

with inputs from Ms. Elsie V. Isip Posted: 25/11/2018

The Centre Internal Quality Assurance Committee in coordination with Staff Development and Staff Support Committee organized an awareness program on Risk Management for the center’s staff on 25th October 2018. read more...

Short video clip

ETC staff attend Awareness Program on ISA Requirements

with inputs from Mr. Erick C. Campano Posted: 25/11/2018

The ETC Internal Quality Assurance Committee in coordination with the Staff Development and Staff Support Committee organized an awareness program on ISA (Institutional Standard Assessment) Requirements related to the center to its staff on 2nd October 2018. read more...

Short video clip

Cyber Extortion and Network Security Seminar

with inputs from Ms. Ledilyn D. Tinio Posted: 28/05/2017

Now a days, cyber-crimes are rampantly ravaging industries and organizations that might compromise an individual or organization’s data and network security and may result to loss of money and important resources. Educational institutions like Ibra College of Technology should lead the awareness campaign among citizens especially the youth. read more...

Team Building Activity 2017

with inputs from Ms. Ledilyn D. Tinio Posted: 07/02/2017

"Communication is a key to teamwork", the theme for this year’s team building activity, ETC once again, set a day for building effective relationships within the team and improving team spirit. read more...

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