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Staff List AY2018-2019

Staff NameDesignationSectionPhoneRoomEmail
Abdul Rahaman MohammadLecturerLevel
Ahmed Waqas KhanLecturerLevel
Akhona Qamngwana LecturerLevel
Amita PillaiLecturerLevel
Anwar SajadLecturerLevel
Arkan OzariLecturerLevel
Asad HussainLecturerLevel
Asad RiskiyevLecturerLevel
Avis JosephLecturerLevel
Ayyaz AhmedLecturerLevel
Bachra Ali BouzaianeLecturerLevel
Benny Pallipadan OusephLecturerLevel
Biju Chittanickal ThomasLecturerLevel
C. KodhandaramanLecturerLevel
Chokri Mohammed Yussef AyariLecturerLevel
Dalal Al-YousefLecturerLevel
Deniz Friesl Level
Dmitriy VnuchkovLecturerLevel
Donald V. DomalaonLecturerLevel
Elamparithy SelvarasuLecturerLevel
Elhafez MorsiLecturerLevel
Emel OzariLecturerLevel
Eva Mary Mathew Level
Farhat Zouhair BessrourLecturerLevel
Fatima Rodriguez MontanezLecturerLevel
Flordeliza Lumpas Manihayme DumalaganLecturerLevel
Gladys L. Sulit Level
Golda CherianLecturerLevel
Hamdoon Khalfan Saeed Al-HandhaliLecturerCurriculum and Teaching
Haroun Mohammed Abdullah Al-BalushiLecturerLevel
Imran MureedLecturerLevel
Isaac MallahLecturerLevel
Jahad Said Hamad Al-HarthyLecturerLevel
John Michael V. FallerLecturerLevel
Josekutty Thadathel JosephLecturerLevel
Joseph Arakkal ChackoLecturerLevel
Joseph StephenLecturerLevel
Kancharla Sheetal Reddy Level
Kannan Shanmuga Sundaram PillaiLecturerLevel
Latha AnandanLecturerLevel
Manju Aykkaramalil ChackoLecturerLevel
Maria Margaretha
Maria PodrazaLecturerLevel
Marwan Omar MariamLecturerLevel
Mathew JosephLecturerLevel
May Rhea S. LopezLecturerLevel
Meethiyan Kunju P. K.LecturerLevel
Melwyn Lawrence SequeiraLecturerLevel
Mercelinda S. ReyesLecturerLevel
Moayyad Ali Ahmad Al-ZghoulLecturerLevel
Mohammad Hassan Mohammad ChamekhLecturerLevel
Mohammed Fazil BiyabaniLecturerLevel
Muhammad ImranLecturerLevel
Muhammad ShahzadLecturerLevel
Muhammad Yasar AhmedLecturerLevel
Muna Said Al-HasaniSupport
Nadiya MohammedLecturerLevel
Naimatullah KhanLecturerLevel
Nancy DalangbayanLecturerLevel
Nasra Masoud Salim Al-HabsiLecturerLevel
Nasser Sulaiman Ahmed Al-ShabibiLecturerLevel
Nisrine SayeghLecturerLevel
Olena FranchuckLecturerLevel
Osman Erdem Yapar Level
Panadarayalage Chinthana Sandaruwan DayanandaLecturerLevel
Preethy Ann MathewLecturerLevel
Rajakumar SelvarajLecturerLevel
Raji SajuLecturerLevel
Rolando Orig Gan Jr.LecturerLevel
Rudra Prasad MohapatroLecturerLevel
Saadaddeen Mohammed AbubakrLecturerLevel
Salim Nasser Saif Al-SadiLecturerEnglish Language
Selwyn CruzLecturerLevel
Sherwin Tapit AumanLecturerLevel
Shikha Robin GeorgeLecturerLevel
Siti Sarah Binti Abdur RaniLecturerLevel
Susan BijuLecturerLevel
Susanne DinaLecturerLevel
Syed Wasim AnwarLecturerLevel
Syeda FarzanaLecturerLevel
Syriack Pulikkattu ThomasLecturerLevel
Thuraya Khalifa Salim Al-Riyami
Umid PorsaevLecturerLevel
Yusra Salim Hamed Al-MaskariLecturerLevel

Department News & Events

ELC Celebrates Teachers' Day

- with inputs from Mr. Naimatullah Khan Posted: 28/02/2019

Teachers’ Day was celebrated in English Language Center of Ibra College of Technology. read more...

ELC Conducts Policy Awareness Meeting

- with inputs from Dr. Selwyn Cruz Posted: 13/02/2019

The English Language Center held its first Staff meeting for Semester 2 of Academic Year 2018-2019 on February 7 at the ELC Main Hall. Dr. Thuraya, Hoc of the ELC spearheaded the meeting. read more...

ELC (IQAC) Reviews the Spot Audit Checklists

With inputs from Mr. C. Kodhandaraman Posted: 13/02/2019

In accordance with the proposed English Language Center (ELC) Operational Plan 2018-2019, the Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) spearheaded the review of the Spot Audit Checklists conducted in ELC 111 on February 9, 2019. read more...

Plagiarism Awareness Workshop

With inputs from Mr. C. Kodhandaraman Posted: 09/01/2019

As part of ICT’s aim to raise awareness on the issue of plagiarism, the English Language Centre held a workshop on January 8, 2019, at the ELC Main Hall. read more...

Workshop on Vocabulary Development

With inputs from Mr. Kannan Shanmuga Sundaram Pillai Posted: 26/12/2018

Dr. Thuraya Al-Riyami conducted a workshop on vocabulary development.

4th Teaching and Learning Conference

With inputs from Dr. Selwyn Cruz Posted: 10/10/2018

The 4th Teaching and Learning Conference 2018 was held on September 13, 2018 at Sohar University. With a theme Discover and Learn, the conference was well-attended by academicians from the Sultanate of Oman and from around the world.

ELC Holds "Document Management System Workshop"

With inputs from Mr. CK/Ms. Nancy Posted: 07/06/2018

What could make the institution’s document management system stronger? Obviously, it’s the participation of all concerned personnel.

ELC RCC in ELTPDW, Ibri College of Technology

With inputs from Dr. Elamparithy Selvarasu Posted: 07/05/2018

The ELC Research & Consultancy Committee took part in English Language Teaching Professional Development Workshop [ELTPDW] in Ibri College of Technology on 18-04-2018.

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