Aims of the General Foundation Program

The General Foundation Program aims to:

  • help students gain effective command of the required skills in English Language, Mathematics and Information Technology
  • provide realistic learning opportunities for students to speak, listen to, read and write social, workplace and academic English confidently and effectively
  • provide a solid foundation in English, Mathematics, and Information Technology to allow students to perform successfully in a variety of academic programs at a higher level
  • equip students with the skills and attitudes to successfully participate in lifelong learning in their academic programs and future careers
  • develop social competence by helping students acquire teamwork and decision- making skills
  • develop academic competences which will include logical and abstract reasoning, problem solving, as well as higher level cognitive and critical thinking

News and Events

UTAS-Ibra Won First Place at 4th Student National Symposium held at UTAS-Muscat UTAS-Ibra ELC is pleased to inform you that once again Writing Center is offering free review sessions for IELTS Writing to help our students prepare for the exam. English Language Centre 2022-2023 I
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