Curriculum & Teaching Methods

Article 21 of the bylaws of the college stipulates the role of the head of Curriculum and Teaching Methods in the English Language Centre. He has responsibilities;

  1. To implement the programs and delivery plans according to the schedules in each semester.
  2. To work towards the development of a curriculum that keeps in pace with the modern developments and meets the students’'' general and specific needs.
  3. To work towards the enhancement of the relationship with the concerned institutions, to keep in pace with the academic developments in the fields of Curriculum and teaching methodology.
  4. To set up criteria for the preparation of examinations, to ensure that the learning objectives are met.
  5. To establish and develop a question bank.
  6. To evaluate staff performance and forwarding the appraisal forms to the Head off the English Language Center.
  7. To carry out any other tasks assigned by the Head of the English Language Center.
Ms. Jahad Said Hamad Al-Harthy
Head of Section
Phone: 899

News and Events

2nd National ELT Symposium: From Reflection to Action Research The English Language Centre of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS) – Ibra, conducted the Second National Symposium on English Language Teaching: From Reflection to Action Research on the 4th of May 2023, with the aim to create a platform for teachers of English to reflect on their experiences and solutions to the problems that they encountered in English Language Teaching.
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