Research and Consultancy Committee

The RCC progress and achievement of the research and consultancy activities:

To Motivate and support research and consultancy. UTAS-Ibra Establish a Research and Consultancy Committee. The Committee has created Policy for Research and Consultancy, which evaluates and approves research project proposals submitted by academic staff and include Guidelines for evaluating UTAS-Ibra sponsored project submitted by faculty members.

The Research and Consultancy Committee UTAS-Ibra operates and guided by the Research and Consultancy Policy in implementing its scholarly activities. Stretching its scope for its various fields of applications, all Centers and Departments share a mutual responsibility in developing its Operational Plan and Terms of References (ToR).

The Research and Consultancy Committee specifically aims to conduct/organizing research and consultancy seminars, workshops or conferences to build awareness and enhance research skills of faculty members and students. The committee specifically aims to conduct in-house research proposal hearings, to organize a research congress or research paper presentations, to provide technical or professional research and consultancy assistance and to enhance research and consultancy in the University.

The main function of this committee is to engage with other education providers and with the community at large and find collaboration research with different organizations.