Goals / Objectives / Strategies

Goal 1: To anchor our identity of technological education within an efficient and effective institutional system
Objective: 1.1 Ensure effective operation.
Strategies: 1.1.1 Develop department/centre/committee plans.
1.1.2 Implement, monitor and review of plans.
1.1.3 Ensure the college council/department/centre councils/committees meet regularly.
Goal 3: To continuously develop institutional relationships in all relevant spheres with all stakeholders
Objective: 3.1 Maintain relationship with stakeholders.
Strategies: 3.1.1 Share knowledge, experiences and resources with different stakeholders.
3.1.3 Offer the support services/resources of the college to the community.
3.1.4 Encourage mutual collaborative activities with industry.
Indicator Measure Timeframe Responsibility
1.1.a Achievement of plans Percentage of achievement Semester - wise
  • Dean + Asst. Deans
  • HODs, HOCs, HOS, Committee Chair
1.1.b Tasks completed as per minutes of meetings Percentage of tasks completed Semester - wise
  • Dean + Asst. Deans
  • HODs, HOCs, HOS, Committee Chair
3.1.a Community outreach programs Number of community outreach programs conducted Semester - wise
  • ADSA
  • Marketing Committee
  • ICEC
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