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1 CNC –Lathe Machine Basic Program in Fanuc ControlOnline17/11/2020Completed Details
2 Internet of Things Online02/03/2021Completed Details
3 3D MaXOnline13/12/2020Completed Details
4 Arduino Programming Online06/12/2020 - 08/12/2020Completed Details
5 Finance for Non-finance professionalsOnline30/11/2020Completed Details
6 Internet Protocol version 6 (IP-V60Online22/12/2020 - 23/12/2020Completed Details
7 IELTS TrainingOnline29/11/2020Completed Details
8 Time ManagementOnline02/03/2021Completed Details
9 Block Chain for Enterprises Online19/04/2021Completed Details
10 Autonomous and Non-Autonomous Robotic Assembly and ProgrammingOnline13/04/2021 - 14/04/2021Completed Details
11 Basic Operation of CNC Lathe MachineOnline24/11/2020Completed Details
12 Al Hamzat WritingOnline21/12/2020Completed Details
13 Managing emotionsOnline23/02/2021Completed Details
14 CV WritingOnline15/12/2020Completed Details
15 Common mistakes in the Arabic languageOnline17/12/2020Completed Details
16 Workshop on Photo Voltaic (PV) System Design and InstallationOnline23/02/2021Completed Details
17 Qaboos Al Haikma, Online16/11/2020Completed Details
18 Programming with PythonOnline08/03/2021 - 11/03/2021Completed Details