Our Goals

  • We will provide excellent governance and administration with transparency and adherence to ethical principles
  • We will offer students high quality teaching, learning and training opportunities through continuous market analysis and curriculum review process and using recent technology
  • We will offer quality programs that promote entrepreneurial skills and respond to the changing market needs and developments in technology
  • We will ensure that graduates develop into responsible citizens by enriching their values and attributes to positively affect the socio economic development
  • We will develop staff by offering opportunities for professional and personal development, rewarding hard work and innovative thinking
  • We will encourage opportunities for applied research and consultancy
  • We will foster mutually beneficial constructive partnerships with various public and private sector organizations, professional bodies and local and international communities that benefit the community at large
  • We will provide facilities and learning resources that are effectively utilized and well managed to ensure efficient student and staff services

Our Objectives

  • Working towards the application of technical and administrative knowledge in technological and administrative fields in line with the requirements of the labor market.
  • Meeting the students' needs by creating opportunities for individual, social, academic, technological and vocational development.
  • Bringing up a generation of highly competent technicians through the provisions of accredited, high quality technological programs.
  • Catering for the private and the public sectors' needs with technically and administratively qualified personnel.
  • Offering technological, parallel education and training services.
  • Carrying out and publishing scientific and applied research for the benefit of the colleges of technology and community.