University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Ibra

Frequently Asked Questions

The College was established in 1993, after changing the Vocational Training Institute into Ibra Technical Industrial College.

In 2001, the name of the college was changed to Ibra College of Technology. Thus, it has international specifications and standards of a higher educational and training institution, which offers practical and field training to its students.

University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Ibra established under Royal Decree.

University of Technology and Applied Sciences (Ibra College of Technology) is located in the eastern part of Al-Sharqiya region of Sultanate of Oman. The College is locate in Al Yahmadi, Wilayat, Ibra and about 160 kms. from Muscat.

University of Technology and Applied Sciences (Ibra College of Technology) is one of the seven Colleges of Technology in the Sultanate of Oman offering different specializations in the areas of Business Studies, Engineering, and Information Technology.

Accordingly, the respective specializations are the following:

  • Information Technology - Database, Networking and Software Engineering
  • Business Studies - Office Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance, and e-Business
  • Engineering - Electric Power, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical, and Computer Engineering

Dr. Azzah Ahmed Said Al-Maskari

Phone: 25587 888

Dr. Mohammed Rashid Hamdan Al Mamari

Asst. Dean for Academic Affairs
Phone: 25587 900

Dr. Fatma Nasser Al-Harthy

Asst. Dean for Student Affairs
Phone: 25587 999

Dr. Yousuf Khamis Al Mabsali

Asst. Dean for Admin & Financial Affairs
Phone: 25587 885

Mr. Wahab Salim Naser Al Hussini

Head, Educational Technology Centre
Phone: 25587 940

Dr. Thuraya Khalifa Salim Al-Riyami

Head, The English Language Centre
Phone: 25587 878

Dr. Sami Al-Ghnimi

Head, Department of Engineering
Phone: 25587 920

Dr. Habiba Mohammed Said Al-Mughairi

Head, Department of Business and Studies
Phone: 25587 889

Ms. Faiza Rashid Ammar Al-Harthy

Head, Department of Information Technology
Phone: 25587 901
What are the entry requirements to join the Business Department?

You must pass all the requirements of the different levels in the General Foundation Program. The specialization department you will join will be determined by the Higher Education Admission Centre (HEAC)

How do I know who my advisor is?

If you are a new entrant to the Business department your name and advisor will be displayed on the Business notice board.

How can I communicate with my advisor?

We encourage students use the college email to communicate with your advisor.

How do I know about the registration plan?

Registration Plans will be available on the college website before the registration week of each semester.

How can I get my books?

From your CB Teacher.

How can I get my schedule?

From your CB Teacher.

Where can I find my teachers?

Either in EL 226 or in EL 227. Visit them during their office hours.

Where can I find Level 3 coordinator?

Level 3 coordinator is in EL 224. Visit her during her office hours.

What should I know about ‘attendance’?

Attendance is compulsory in all the lessons. If you are late for 5 minutes, you will be marked ‘late’. After 5 minutes, you will be marked ‘absent’. The first warning will be issued when you cross 12 hours of absences. The second warning will be issued when you cross 24 hours of absences. You will be dismissed from the college when you cross 36 hours of absences.

What happens if I fall sick?

You should produce a medical certificate attested from the Ministry hospital. Then your absences will be reduced in accordance with the number of the excused absences.

What should I know about the pass percentage?

You should get at least a total of 50% marks in the Midterm exam and Continuous assessment. Also, you should get at least a total of 50% marks in the Level Exit Exam. You will fail even if you get very high marks in one of the sections and less marks in the other section.

Do I have to keep a port folio?

It is compulsory that you should have a portfolio and your portfolio is assessed.

Where can I get information about the number of absences?

You have to approach your CB Teacher.

Where can I find Mr. Salim Bani Orabah (Acting HoC, HoS-ELP)?

Where can I find Ms. Salma Eid Al Saifi (HoS, C&TM)?

Where can I find Salim Al Saadi, the registrar?

What should I do if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint, you can ask for a complaint form from Ms. Muna, the ELC secretary and fill it up and follow the instruction given.

What should I do if I miss an exam?

If you are absent for an exam on medical grounds, you must produce a valid document to prove your absence, to the registrar. Then, you will be permitted to take a make-up exam.

Can I take the exam again if I get poor marks?


How do I get to know the results?

The results of Class Quizzes, Midterm Exams and total marks before the LEE, will be announced through the CB teacher. The LEE result will be published in the server.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the marks I have received?

You can appeal against the result you are awarded within 3 days of publishing the result. You can get the appeal form the student’s affairs office fill it up and submit it to the Asst. Dean Students Affairs.

Will there be any actions against disciplinary issues?

You will be punished according to the gravity of the issue with reference to the by-laws of the college.

Can we take photo copies from teachers’ staff rooms?

No, students are not permitted to use teachers’ Xerox machines.

What happens if I do not understand the work?

There are remedial classes to assist students. However, it is most important for you to attend every class.

Will there be one big test or several small tests?

There are small ongoing tests throughout the semester. There is one mid term test and one level exit exam. The teachers will prepare you for the tests.

What are the teachers like?

The teachers are all helpful and come from many countries. For example, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Canada, Egypt, America and Africa.

Will I have time for my prayer break?

Yes, time is allocated for prayers and the teachers are aware of this.

Will there be boys in the classroom?

Yes, there will be male students in the classroom with the female students. However, they sit in separate sides of the room. There is a waiting room for male students and a waiting room for female students.

Do we have homework?

Yes, there will be homework. This is a good opportunity to support what the teacher has given you in class.

Are the exams difficult?

No, they are not difficult as they always reflect what you have studied in class. If you don’t come to classes then the exams will be difficult.

Can I be expelled for bad behaviour?

Yes, however the teachers and students would always discuss the issue before expulsion happens.

Can I be expelled for not attending classes?

You will be given warnings of poor attendance and ultimately your bahaviour will dictate the outcome.

What do I get upon completion of the course?

There are awards for completion of the study.

What are the hours I’ll be studying?

You could have classes from 8.00 am until 8.00 pm. This will vary depending on the semester and the availability of rooms.

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