Welcome to Fiesta Mathematica 2019, a festival showcasing mathematical skills, critical thinking, logical reasoning, display of mathematical models, games, fun and more……..

This is a real time great opportunity that provides challenging and engaging experience for the students, that is both competitive and educational.

Our vision is to help the Omani youth to develop critical and logical thinking, as these skills are a must-have among all who strive hard to bring the nation forward.

We, the Department of Information Technology, in Ibra College of Technology have come forward to rekindle the spirit of mathematics among Omani youth. In this regard, we are planning to conduct an Inter Collegiate Mathematics Talent Hunt 2019 along with other enriching activities.

Inter Collegiate Mathematics Talent Hunt 2019

First Round

In this competition, there will be 2 rounds. In the online preliminary round, there will be 60 multiple choice questions based on general arithmetic & aptitude.

Final Round

Based on the scores in the preliminary round, the top 5 colleges will enter the final round which will be held on the same day. The details of the final round will be given upon request.

Inter School Mathematics Talent Hunt 2019

There will be 45 multiple choice questions based on logical reasoning, critical thinking and basic arithmetic.

The time duration of Talent Hunt 2019 is 60 minutes.

Poster Competition

Any relevant topics in Mathematics which reflect general information, models, graphical representation, etc. Poster must be in A1 or A2 sizes.