EEPW1240 - Engineering Workshop
EEPW1240 Engineering Workshop 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites None
Goal To equip the student with practical knowledge of elementary
engineering tasks and provide him with progressive hands-on
structured experience of environment and practices related to
To develop the students understanding of safety and its importance
for the protection of personnel and equipment/ machinery.
The course should enable the student to:

  1. Know how to behave in workshop environment and grasp the principles underlying the work being done
  2. Understand safety and observe safety measures for protection of personnel and equipment, and prevention of accidents including personal safety, clothing/equipment and it's use
  3. Hazards and safety requirements for equipment/machinery
  4. Fire safety, fire prevention and fire fighting
  5. Identifying and reporting safety hazards
  6. Accident prevention measures and responsibilities
  7. Effectively use various measuring tools and instruments commonly used in engineering workshops
The students should be able to:

  1. Be acquainted with normal workshop procedures and practices including bench work and marking
  2. Be familiar with actual working conditions inside engineering workshops
  3. Work with safety to self and the workplace, and contribute positively to safety environment of the workplace
  4. Be familiar with workshop tools and machines available in:
    • Apply the procedure of leveling in the field
    • Recognize the types of connections between pipes
    • Make a simple pipe network
    • Recognize the different sizes of reinforcement
    • Identify the purpose of vibrating concrete
    • Identify different types of wood
    • Create small project like a toolbox
    • Distinguish between good and bad concrete mixes
    Electrical Department:
    • Apply assembly and installation operation
    • Apply wiring of lighting and power circuits in conduit systems
    • Apply testing of completed lighting and power circuits
    Mechanical Department:
    • Perform filing and bench work operations and know use of common workshop tools
    • Be able to use common machines like Lathe, Bench Drill, Grinder, and do simple sheet metal cutting and bending
    • Do simple electrical and gas welding tasks Practical / Lab work for safety training