L03R03 - Reading
L03R03 Reading Contact Hours: 4 hours/week
Prerequisites Students who score between 51%-70% in the Placement test and students who pass the Elementary level
The students should be able to:

L3R1  Use meaning finding strategies, such as a dictionary, context clue, and knowledge of prefixes and suffixes.
L3R2 Use pre-reading strategies to preview, activate prior knowledge, predict content of text and establish a purpose for reading
L3R3 Extract the topic and purpose, main ideas, concepts, supporting details of a text of 200 to 400 words found in simple text. (skimming)
L3R4 Find specific information in simple everyday material of 200 to 400 words such as advertisements, menus, timetables, brochures, short newspaper articles etc. (scanning)
L3R5 Find detailed information in an extensive text or simple everyday material relevant to students area of learning of 200 to 400 words (intensive reading)
L3R6 Use simple referents such as possessive adjectives, demonstrative pronouns, referring to single nouns, and more complex referents like this, that.
L3R7 Paraphrase/retell information from the texts.
L3R8 Analyse and criticise facts, opinions, persons, ideas etc. that are presented in a reading text.
L3R9 Read instructions and rubrics carefully and interpret these without difficulty
L3R10 Comprehend high frequency idiomatic expressions and symbolic language