L03G03 - Grammar
L03G03 Grammar Contact Hours: 4 hours/week
Prerequisites Students who score between 51%-70% in the Placement test and students who pass the Elementary level
The students should be able to:

L3G1 - Produce sentences using present continuous tense, affirmative, negative and questions.
L3G1-1 - Produce sentences using present continuous tense for future arrangements
L3G2 - Produce language using going to, planning to, would like to, would rather, will and won't in expressing intentions, wishes & predictions
L3G3 - Produce language using comparative and superlative adjectives in describing people & places
L3G4 - Produce language using present perfect and past simple with for, and other time words
L3G5 - Produce language using modal verbs such as may, might, will definitely, etc to express predictions and modal verbs such as should, shouldn't, can, can't, have to, don't have to in making requests and asking for permission
L3G6 - Produce language using the 1st conditional , and using other time words like when, as soon as, before etc.
e.g. When/if you add sugar to water the sugar dissolves.
If it rains, I will stay at home.
L3G7 - Produce language using past continuous and used to.
L3G8 - Produce sentences using present and past simple passive.