FP404R04 - Reading
FP404R04 Reading Contact Hours: 4 hours/week
Prerequisites Students who score between 71%-85% in the placement test and students who passed L3
The students should be able to:

L4R1 - Organize and maintain a system of recording vocabulary (keep a vocabulary log)
L4R2 - Apply appropriate pre-reading strategies to facilitate comprehension.
L4R3 - Extract fully and accurately the required general information from complex/specialized texts of 300-500 words.
L4R4 - Extract fully and accurately the required topic, purpose and specific information from complex/specialised texts of 300 to 500 words
L4R5 - Understand the function of certain affixes (un-, dis-, -ive, -ment, etc.)
L4R6 - Use more complex referents (this idea, the main problem) and understand references to longer subjects.
L4R7 - Reading an essay or an extended prose related to student's area with tables, charts and graphs embedded in it of 500-600 words, and comprehend its meaning.
L4R8 - Provide suitable headings/titles for a target level text.
L4R9 - Draw a graphic organiser for a target level text.
L4R10- Adjust reading rate according to level and length of materials and purpose of reading
L4R11- Identify literary devices, such as parenthesis, footnotes and quotations
L4R12- Grasp the meaning of text sufficiently to extract the relevant points and paraphrase or summarize the whole text, a specific idea or the underlying idea
L4R13- Read between the lines to infer the unstated ideas that the author wants to depict
L4R14- Read instructions and rubrics carefully and interpret these without difficulty
L4R15- Comprehend a wide variety of conceptual and symbolic language and high frequency idiomatic expressions
L4R16- Distinguish fact from opinion
L4R17- Identify the author's purpose and tone