FP404PP04 PROJECT AND PRESENTATION /GSS Contact Hours: 3 hours/week
Prerequisites Students who score between 71%-85% in the placement test and students who passed L3
The students should be able to:

L4W1 Organize and maintain a portfolio of one's work
L4W2 Describe learning experiences, challenges, insights in a daily journal 

     A) Data Collection
            1) Locate source materials using a variety of technological and information resources. 
              Use contents pages, indexes, search engines and other media to locate relevant information
              Use appropriate reading strategies such as skimming, scanning, pre-reading techniques and inference to extract relevant information
            2) Summarize/paraphrase relevant information and incorporate into the written report and the oral presentation with proper references/citations.
               Take notes to help summarize and paraphrase relevant information.

            3) Prepare a questionnaire and/or interview questions
                use appropriate question formats to prepare a survey or questionnaire
            4) Carry out a survey
              ask questions, using clear, comprehensible pronunciation, stress, intonation 
              respond appropriately by giving explanations or additional information where necessary or asking for clarification
              grade level of formality depending upon the interviewees or survey participants
            Take notes to accurately record interviewees' responses

     B) Report
            5) Produce a written report
              Use organizational/transitional devices such as discourse markers, contents page, introduction, methods, findings, conclusion and recommendations to produce a coherent and logically sequenced report
              Consistently use accurate grammar, spelling, punctuation and appropriate vocabulary
              Use relevant images to enhance clarity and effectiveness correctly cite sources (providing a bibliography or references

     C) Presentation
            6) Prepare and deliver a presentation of 5 minutes, demonstrating appropriate use of audio-visual aids and images

              summarize and paraphrase the content of the written report in a logically organized and coherent way
              speak clearly using  comprehensible pronunciation, stress and intonation, at an appropriate pace and volume
              employ appropriate body language such as eye contact and gestures
            respond appropriately to the audience by giving explanations or additional information where necessary