BAOM4109 - Employee Relations
BAOM4109 Employee Relations 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites Principles of Management ( BAMG 1207, Organizational Behavior)
( BAHR 2100)
Goal To introduce students to the employee relations management strategies in order to improve their ability to analyze and solve ER problems.

The course will enable students to develop a critical awareness of the key issues involved in the management of the employment relationship and to make appositive contribution to problem solving in the workplace.

The students should be able to:

  1. Explain the competing theories which seek to explain the nature of employee relations.
  2. Recognize the importance of contextual influences for employee relations management.
  3. Compare between different employee relations strategies and styles in current use.
  4. Identify the role and objectives of the different parties involved in the employment relationship.
  5. Recognize the main forms and models of employee participation and involvement in current use.
  6. Develop, present, and defend their own opinions and judgments regarding employee relations problems.
  7. Recognize the personnel polices and procedures used to manage marginal and unsatisfactory employees.