BAMK1205 - Principles of Marketing
BAMK1205 Principles of Marketing 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites BAMG 1100 (Introduction to Business)
Goal To enable the student to overview the nature, significance and main concepts of marketing function in modern business organization and the effect of marketing environment on it. In addition to applying marketing techniques to wide variety of setting.
Objectives Outcomes
To enable the student to understand:

  1. The important role of marketing in modern economics.
  2. The dynamics of and opportunities in consumer and business markets.
  3. The various elements of marketing mix's.
  4. The marketing concepts, methods and practices that is important to mordent enterprises.
The students should be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of marketing concepts and techniques in business environment.
  2. Define marketing research and analysis its role and effects on business organization.
  3. Identify and target marketing population.
  4. Identify various elements of marketing mix.
  5. Recognize the deferent methods of marketing promotion
  6. Define product classification and development.
  7. Recognize different channels of distribution.
  8. Recognize the different pricing methods.
  9. Identify deferent types of marketing communication.
  10. Apply marketing decision-making basis on case report.
  11. Produce marketing project individually and in a group.