BAMG1207 - Principles of Management
BAMG1207 Principles of Management 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites BAMG1100 (Introduction to Business)
Goal To provide students with an overview of the roles, functions, and responsibilities of management.
Objectives Outcomes
The course will enable students to understand the fundamentals concepts and principles of management, including the basic roles, skills, and functions of management. Students will be knowledgeable of historical development, theoretical aspects and practice application of managerial process. The students should be able to:

  1. Define management terms and concepts including planning, organizing, coaching, supervising and controlling.
  2. Compare and contrast various management theories-systems and discuss how different schools of management contributed to the study and practice of management.
  3. Identify the skills needed for supervisory, mid-level, and top-level management positions.
  4. Compare management of today with that of earlier periods and explain why businesses today are considered open systems.
  5. Describe the relationships between and among an organization's mission statement, plans, goals, and objectives.
  6. Summarize steps in the formal planning process.
  7. Describe the steps in he decision-making process.
  8. Examine the current topics in management such as ethical issues, global issues, managing diversity, and motivation.
  9. Apply managerial principles through analyzing typical management situations presented in the class.