BAHR4205 - Practical HR Planning
BAHR4205 Practical HR Planning 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites None
Goal To provide students with a practical and realistic training by applying HR planning approaches and techniques to real HR issues. Students will be taught planning techniques and then encouraged to practice and develop their skills on real problems.
The course will enable students to learn in details about the HR planning techniques, and how to effectively relate people to business. They will be familiarized with optics like: planning methods and approaches, projections of HR needs, and activity and role analysis. The students should be able to:

  1. Use a wide range of HR planning techniques
  2. Evaluate any HR issue
  3. Produce & interpret key HR indicators
  4. Control & monitor HR demands
  5. Support line management in relating people to the business
  6. Provide an informal view of what HR planning should mean to the business
  7. Analyze and measure wastage