BAHR4109 - Performance Appraisal and Productivity
BAHR4109 Performance Appraisal and Productivity 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites BAHR 2101 (HRM)
Goal To introduce students to the modern performance appraisal systems which are used by different organizations in order to enhance the productivity.
Students will learn the importance of performance appraisal systems in any organizations and the relationship between appraisal systems and productivity. Students will know how to develop the performance systems and how to evaluate them. The students should be able to:

  1. Develop performance appraisal systems appropriate for the organization's competitive strategy.
  2. Implement the appraisal systems effectively.
  3. Enhance a high level of productivity.
  4. Define the concepts of empowerment, TQM, and reengineering.
  5. Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the available appraisal systems in an organization.
  6. Recognize the role of performance appraisal in merit pay.
  7. Identify ways of strengthen the pay -for performance link.