BAHR2102 - Psychology at Work
BAHR2102 Psychology at Work 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites BAMG 1207
Goal To introduce students to the theories and practices of Psychology in order to gain insight into human behavior
The course will enable students to think rationally and critically. Students will explore and examine the major areas of study in psychology such as motivation, learning, and personality theories. The students should be able to:

  1. Define the term psychology and demonstrate command of the basic vocabulary of the discipline.
  2. Describe the major areas in the filed, and identify the parameters of this discipline.
  3. Explore the ways that psychological theories are used to describe, understand, predict, and control or modify behavior.
  4. Outline the integration of biological, social, and psychological factors in determining behavior.
  5. Identify the major contributors to the field of psychology and their work.
  6. Recognize moral and ethical issues as they related to psychology.
  7. Identify major psychological principles and theories and discuss how they can be applied to real life situations.
  8. Apply psychological knowledge to improve study skills.
  9. Demonstrate the ability to use resources to locate and obtain relevant psychological materials.
  10. Describe how psychological evidence presented in this course has been acquired through the use of the scientific method.