BAEB4200 - Management Information System
BAEB4200 Management Information System 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites None
Goal To equip students with knowledge and skills of using computer-based information systems in business management activities.
The course will enable students to:

The course will enable students to understand the role of technology and systems related to challenges for business professionals. They will know all the processes of information systems and business.

The students should be able to:

  1. Define information systems
  2. Describe the relationships between technology and business activities.
  3. Recognize the models and frameworks of Information System
  4. Define concepts of basic decision- making and basic communication and describe the roles of different types of information systems in communication and decision- making.
  5. Identify different ways of increasing efficiency and effectiveness of internal operations (e.g. empowerment, structuring…etc.)
  6. Work individually and in a team
  7. Work with highest codes of ethics
  8. Communicate effectively in English
  9. Utilize the available information sources