BADB2301 - Database for Small Business
BADB2301 Database for Small Business 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites None
Goal To provide students with a knowledge of technical and managerial aspects of the widely used database applications in business.
The course should enable the student to:

  1. Understand the role of database systems in information systems.
  2. Through introducing the concepts and types of computer database examine theoretical and pragmatic ideas underlying relational database and discuss certain other aspects of the database systems –recovery, concurrency, security, and integrity.
  1. Identify the types of the problems for which database management system can supply solutions.
  2. Learn basic design principals in database.
  3. Describe the principles of database design and apply them to practical situations.
  4. Identify and describe strategies for data entry and integrity.
  5. Determine the method for organizing and recording the data.
  6. Aware of underlying concepts and skills of data analysis, data modeling, normalization and principles and theories of a relational database.
  7. Identify primary and secondary keys and indexes.
  8. Define the operational concerns; include security issues for database management.
  9. Carry out logical and physical database design.
  10. Discuss the capabilities and limitations of database management software particularly Microsoft access, Tally, SPSS etc. for implementing data management.