BACO1212 - Job Search Techniques
BACO 1212 Job Search Techniques 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites None
Goal To assist students to gain confidence necessary to obtain or improve employment. Emphasis on job search techniques and strategies, resume writing, interviewing skills, and improving employment opportunities.
The course will enable students to understand the job search techniques, customs, and practices. It also will enable students to always meet the expectations of employer.
    The students should be able to:

    1. Describe the differences of traditional and non- traditional approaches to the job search.
    2. Describe the attitudes and behaviors associated with an effective job search.
    3. Identify and evaluate resources and strategies which may be used to assist in a job search
    4. Describe the guidelines for resume preparation.
    5. Describe the guidelines for job interviewing.
    6. Design a personal job search campaign.
    7. Communicate effectively in English.
    8. Use available information sources.
    9. Work independently