8th Graduation Ceremony

Posted: 20/10/2016

Again, another successful year has come to the students of Ibra College of Technology as the College conferred their certificates of graduation during the ICT 8th Commencement Exercise.

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Staff of the Month
  • Mr. Monro Copingco Dominise, January 2017, Information Technology More
  • Mr. Mohammed Syed Ibrahim, September 2016, Engineering More
  • Mr. Odamkulath Pareeth Ali, May 2016, Business Studies More
  • Mr. Roland S. Ablian, June 2016, Educational Technology Centre More

  • K.Shamganth, Dr. Sami, "PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF THRESHOLD BASED RELAY SELECTION TECHNIQUE IN COOPERATIVE WIRELESS NETWORKS", International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering & Technology (IJECET), Volume 7, Issue 1, Jan-Feb 2016, pp. 115-124 More
  • Ansa Salim and Sulphy MM (2015), A study on Long term orientation, Self-efficacy and Self derogation of Kudumbasree members with special reference to Self Help Groups in Kerala, Journal of Scientific Research and Management(IJSRM), Vol.3(6). More
  • S. V. Siva Rama Raju, Complementary Nil Edge Vertex Domination, Palestine Journal of Mathematics, Vol.5(2), 2016, 138 – 144. More

[WATCH] اختتام فعالية اليوم العالمي للدفاع في الكلية التقنية بإبراء
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The old town of Ibra / ابراء‎ (Oman / سلطنة عمان)
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