Developing and Strengthening of On-The-Job Training (DeSOT 2017)

Posted: 23/04/2017

On the-Job-Training is very important to train and show to the students the reality of working. This will lead them to further realize and plan for their future career.

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Summer Semester ETC Training Programs

Windows Server Administration Courses, Programming using PHP, Workshop on Basic Troubleshooting of Photocopier/Printers, Leadership and Management Workshop/Seminar, Workshop Advanced Troubleshooting of Computers, Training on Photoshop Design, Database Security Training
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Staff of the Month
  • Dr. Jamaludeen Abdul Shariff, April 2017, Engineering More
  • Mr. G. Dominic Nicholas, April 2017, Information Technology More
  • Ms. Jasmine Mariappan, January 2017, Business Studies More
  • Mr. Roland S. Ablian, February 2017, Educational Technology Centre More

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  • Ansa Salim and Sulphy MM (2015), A study on Long term orientation, Self-efficacy and Self derogation of Kudumbasree members with special reference to Self Help Groups in Kerala, Journal of Scientific Research and Management(IJSRM), Vol.3(6). More
  • S. V. Siva Rama Raju, Complementary Nil Edge Vertex Domination, Palestine Journal of Mathematics, Vol.5(2), 2016, 138 – 144. More

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