Staff Year End Gathering 2016

Posted: 22/16/2016

Every year, Ibra College of Technology is giving its appreciation and thanks to all the staff for a whole year of hard work and dedication by conducting its annual staff gathering.

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Staff of the Month Awards
  • Mr. Sasidharan Nair Vidhukumar, June 2016, Engineering More
  • Mr. Odamkulath Pareeth Ali, May 2016, Business Studies More
  • Ms. Zaina Rashid Salim Al-Jufaili, May 2016, Information Technology More
  • Mr. Roland S. Ablian, June 2016, Educational Technology Centre More
Research and Publications
  • K.Shamganth, Dr. Sami, "PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF THRESHOLD BASED RELAY SELECTION TECHNIQUE IN COOPERATIVE WIRELESS NETWORKS", International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering & Technology (IJECET), Volume 7, Issue 1, Jan-Feb 2016, pp. 115-124 More

Dean's Honour List
Semester: Semester II Academic Year: 2014-2015
1st Ashwaq Nassir Al Mur Al Sa'Di Advanced Diploma Architectural Engineering
2nd Ayisha Saif Ali Al-Rahbi Diploma Second Year Architectural Engineering
3rd Salma Khamis Said Al-Sheheimi Advanced Diploma Computer Engineering
Business Studies
1st Fatma Salim Hilal Al-Hajri Advanced Diploma Accounting
2nd Sarra Mubarak Mohammad Al-Hajri Advanced Diploma Accounting
3rd Ya'qoub Abdullah Aqib Al-Mahmoodi Bachelor Accounting
Information Technology
1st Badriya Mohammed Humaid Al-Hashemi Advanced Diploma Database
2nd Sumayya Salim Saleh Al-Zar'Ie Bachelor Database
3rd Hajar Ahmed Mohammed Al-Mabsali Diploma Second Year IT

[WATCH] اختتام فعالية اليوم العالمي للدفاع في الكلية التقنية بإبراء
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The old town of Ibra / ابراء‎ (Oman / سلطنة عمان)
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