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يوما مفتوحا في ختام الانشطة الطلابية بجامعة التقنية والعلوم التطبيقية بإبراء

19/05/2022 Administration

news image نظمت الجامعة أمس الأربعاء 18 من مايو 2022م يوما مفتوحا تحت رعاية سعادة الشيخ علي بن أحمد بن مشاري الشامسي محافـظ شمــال الشـرقية. بدأ الحفل بكلمة الفرع ألقتها الدكتورة فاطمة بنت ناصر الحارثية مساعدة العميد لشؤون الطلبة قالت فيها: يأتي اليومُ المفتوحُ هذا العامُ بطموحِ متقد لا يحدهُ سقفٌ وفكرٌ مستنيرٌ لا تعتريهُ ظلمةٌ وطاقاتٌ طلابيةٍ لا يشوبها يأسٌ وتعاونٌ خلاقٌ لا يعرف للفرقهٍ سبيلاً في ظلِ جوٍ من التنافسِ الشريفِ لإبرازِ إبداعاتهم وأعمالهم المُجيدة. more...

جامعة التقنية و العلوم التطبيقية بابراء تخرج اكثر من الف خريج و خريجة

09/03/2022 Majid Sulaiman Sarhan Al-Mahrezi (ETC-LSS)

news image احتفلت الكلية التقنية بإبراء مساء امس الثلاثاء بتخريج الف وسبعون خريجا وخريجة من تخصصات الهندسة والدراسات التجارية وتقنية المعلومات من حملة شهادة الدبلوم و الدبلوم العالي و البكالوريوس... more...

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Consultative Session on Academic Advising Workshop

08/05/2022 IT Staff Development Committee

The staff development committee working under the Information Technology department organized a live workshop. more...

Industry Delegates for Student’s Course Project Evaluations

26/04/2022 Industry and Community Engagement Committee (ICEC)

The industry and community engagement committee from the engineering department invited industry delegates from various companies and industries to evaluate the Bachelor, Advance diploma students project presentation on April 24 and 25, 2022. more...

Engineering Department Fire Extinguisher Training for Students and Teachers

20/04/2022 Health and Safety Committee

A demonstration and actual training on the use of fire extinguishers was conducted by the Engineering Department Health and Safety and Environment Committee last March 24, 2022, from 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM. more...

Health, Safety, and Environment Awareness Exhibition

20/04/2022 Health and Safety Committee

One of the most anticipated activities of the EDHSE Committee is the annual Health, Safety, and Environment Awareness Exhibition. more...

Skills Required for the New World

20/04/2022 Industry and Community Engagement Committee

The Industrial Link Committee of Department of Business Studies organized guest lecture for the Bachelor level, Human Resource Management students on the topic “Skills required for the new world”... more...

GHEDEX International Conference on Quality in Higher Education

17/04/2022 Business Studies

Two staff members from the Department of Business Studies Dr. Nithya Ramachandran and Dr. Edukondala Rao Jetti presented papers titled “Student Participation in Quality Assurance Processes of HEIs in the Omani Context”... more...

Innovatia 2022

17/04/2022 Business Studies

The Business Studies Department of University of Technology and Applied Sciences – Ibra marked another remarkable milestone as it organized the 3rd INNOVATIA 2022 – Intercollegiate Meet ... more...

ICEC Visit Mazoon Electricity Company

13/04/2022 ICEC

ICEC organized an event to evaluate UTAS Ibra trainees at mazoon Ibra on 11-4-22. As part of the requirement, trainees have to do their presentation of what they have learned during their training for 8 weeks. more...

مبادئ ريادة الأعمال والإبتكار Principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

13/04/2022 ICEC

من ضمن سلسلة من الورش والدورات أقامت لجنة العلاقات الصناعيه وخدمة المجتمع #جامعة_التقنية_والعلوم_التطبيقية_بإبراء محاضرة افتراضية بعنوان " مبادئ ريادة الأعمال والإبتكار more...

Health and Safety Induction Program for the Newly Joined Staff Members

12/04/2022 Health and Safety Committee

The Engineering Department Health, Safety and Environment Committee inducted their newly joined staff members last on 22nd March 2022 from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM at EE 101. more...

ICEC Hosted a Guest Lecture at Telecommunication Regulatory Authority

07/04/2022 Industry and Community Engagement Committee

ICEC organized a seminar and educational trip to Telecommunication regulatory authority on 31-3-22. more...

6th IET GCC Robotics Challenge 2022

04/04/2022 IEEE Ibra Student Branch

The 6th IET GCC Robotics Challenge is an annual robotics challenge that aims to encourage undergraduate students and young professionals across the GCC to build innovative robotics systems. more...

Seminar on Electricity Hazards

31/03/2022 Health and Safety Committee

University health, safety, and environment committee in collaboration with the Human Resource department arranged a seminar on Electricity Hazards on 30.03.2022 in the main hall at 10 A.M. more...

UTAS-Ibra students participated in the Annual TechFest2022

30/03/2022 Student Society Committee

Two teams composed of Diploma 1st Year students from the Information Technology Department: Noof Nasser Al Yazidi, Taif Saeed Al Yazidi, Bushra Hamed Al Handari and Sara Salim Al Mamari, ... more...

IEEE 3rd SYP Congrees 2022

30/03/2022 Department of Engineering

UTAS-Ibra IEEE Student branch hosted the 3rd IEEE Student Young Professional Congress (SYP) on March 22nd and 23rd, 2022. more...

A Successful Presentation at DU First Undergraduate Student Poster Competition

27/03/2022 Department of Engineering

The Department of Engineering congratulates our students - Mr. Abdullah Said Sulaiyam Shinain Al-Sheheimi from Mechanical Engineering specialization ... more...

ICEC holds an Industrial visit at Oman Telecommunication Company, Muscat

27/03/2022 Industry and Community Engagement Committee

Engineering Department continues to explore, enhance and widen its horizons in research and development. In connection to this objective, a live online webinar entitled " Introduction to Materials" was conducted last September 21, 2021, from 12:00 to 2:00 PM thru MS Team. more...

ELC holds a Potluck Lunch Party

02/03/2022 English Language Centre

ELC Staff Social Club organized a Potluck Lunch party at 12:00 pm on Tuesday 2nd February 2022 in the ELC Main Hall. more...

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