Research Activity

Harmonic Meromorphic Functions Involving Generalized Incomplete Beta Functions by Amit Kumar Yadav

Posted: 04/03/2013

In this Article, a class MH ([α1]) of complex valued harmonic meromorphic functions of the form f = h + g ε MH is introduced with the use of inverse function involving generalized incomplete beta function. A subclass MH ([α1]) of MH ([α1]) is considered for various properties. Using coefficient condition for functions belonging to MH ([α1]) class, bounds, extreme points, closure theorems and integral operator for those functions are also obtained.

Harmonic multivalent meromorphic functions defined by an integral operator by Amit Kumar Yadav

Posted: 04/03/2013

The object of this article is to study a class MH(p) of harmonic multivalent meromorphic functions of the form f(z) = h(z)+g(z) , 0 < |z| < 1, where h and g are meromorphic functions. An integral operator is considered and is used to define a subclass MH(p,α,m,c) of MH(p). Some properties of MH(p) are studied with the properties like coefficient condition, bounds, extreme points, convolution condition and convex combination for functions belongs to MH(p,α,m,c) class.