Quality Viewpoints

The Basis of Quality Assurance
  • Quality, according to the Oxford Dictionary is "the standard of goodness".
  • Quality Assessment, the mechanism or procedures used to determine the extent to which quality exists
  • Quality Assurance can be defined as "the use of a monitoring system to measure performance against quality standard"

Philosophies of QA

  • Standards based: Does institution/program meet specified external expectations?
  • Supports consistency & comparability
  • Fitness for purpose: Is what the institution/program is doing appropriate to its own stated objectives?
  • Supports diversity

Quality Audit

"A systematic and independent examination to determine whether activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve objectives." (Aust/NZ Standard 1994: the underlined is AUQA emphasis)

ADRI Audit Approach

A systematic, independent determination whether:

  • An organisation’s planned arrangements are suitable to achieve its goals (i.e. check the overall approach)
  • Actual practice conforms to the planned arrangements (i.e. the deployment)
  • The arrangements achieve the desired results.
  • The organisation is learning and improving from its self-evaluation of its approach, deployment and results.