Library Services Section


  • Participation in career workshop in and outside the college
  • Participation in any activities organized in the college
  • Accepts training of students from other colleges and universities.

The library provides different services to staff and students:

  • Research. With variety of resources, staff and students are encourage to visit the library and explore the books in current versions.
  • Borrowing of books. Allowed to bonafide students and staff of Ibra College of Technology and by presenting Library ID card.
  • Current awareness. Actively involved in the college activities such as Open Day, Student Induction Program and other activities in the college.
  • Computer Utilization. 20 computers (10 computer for girls and 10 computers for boys) equipped with the network facility through which the students can access the e-books and all other kinds of reading materials on the internet.
No. of books to borrow Borrow period Renewal period Fine
5 One (1) month One (1) week 0.300RO per book per day
2 One (1) weeks One (1) week 0.100RO per book per day

Ibra College of Technology maintains one of the important resources – the College Library. The college library helps its patrons to acquire more knowledge and for the student in gathering information needed to complete their academic requirements.

The library consists of a number of books and references in different specializations of the college.

  • Information Technology
  • Business Studies
  • Natural Sciences (Mathematics)
  • Applied Sciences (Engineering)
  • Social Sciences
  • Literature

Library Goal:

To provide an excellent library services that will support learning in technical education.

  • To ensure that the learning resources meet the learners’ needs.
  • To facilitate e-learning opportunities.
  • To upgrade the learning resources.

Information Resources:

Traditional Information Resources

  • Books. The library holds more than 4800 books (2600 title) in English language. Such books are available for borrowing and research.
  • References. The library provides variety of references categorized according to specialization and for inside library use only. Such references are Dictionaries, Atlas and Reviewers.
  • Newspaper. The Library provides Arabic and English newspaper.
  • English: Oman Observer, Times of Oman, Tribune
    Arabic: Al Watan, Oman, Al Shabeebah
  • Magazines. The Library provides current magazines in different field of information.

Electronic information Resources

  • The Library provides electronic information resources (e-library and ebrary) through link in E-Learning Portal Menu in the college website (
  • The e-library system contains ebooks arrange according to specialization. Total of 1355 reference link of ebooks.
  • ebrary repository of more than 65,000 copies of ebooks and other published materials in different fields of learning.
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