ETC Helpdesk

With the increasing number of requests for technical assistance throughout the college, a plan was spearheaded by Mr. Robin Rohit Vincent, Head of Educational Technology Centre. He conceptualized and established a committee to centralize the technical concerns of the College and approves it named, "ETC Helpdesk".

The team is headed by Mr. Abdullah Muslem Sulyaim Al-Maskary together with expert staff in the field of computer hardware, software, networking, web development, programming and other pertinent technology.

Through this initiative, a hotline local IP phone number 947 was assigned as a dedicated line for the immediate response to attend technical concerns encountered within the different departments of the college.

The ETC Helpdesk team also supports faculty and other college staff through the IP phone or assigns a designated technician to resolve technical concerns.

The Helpdesk also assists students technical matters, trainings/tutorials, and other services.

Timing Services

Sunday to Thursday from 8:00AM to 3:00PM.

The team is ready to attend consultation services for the staff and students.

What are the services provided by the Helpdesk?
The ETC Helpdesk provides technical consultation and services through phone and on-site assistance, maintaining domain accounts, and performing hardware, software, and network configurations such as wireless connection. Registration of RFID card for gate entrance.
Where is the location of ETC Helpdesk?
The ETC Helpdesk is located at IT101, Ground floor of IT Building. Our contact number is 947 and 944
How to avail ETC Helpdesk services?
Staff may address their technical concerns to the Helpdesk hotline or come personally at IT101. Students may directly proceed at IT101 and need to be queued for their concern.
I forgot my password, can I get a new one?
In case you forgot your password or you want to change it with a valid reason, just proceed to IT101 and fill up a request form.
Are there any rules and policies in availing ETC Helpdesk services?
Yes, in order for us to serve the staff and students better, we formulated rules and policies for computer servicing.

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