Computer Services Section

The computer services of Educational Technology Centre provides hardware and software resources for the computing environment of ICT community at large.

ETC Computer services offers the following:

  • Installation of software, OS and drivers
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Antivirus update

The inhouse software being developed and maintained by CSS programmers are actively implemented and dominating the system requirements of the staff. Below are the list of the software:

  • Kairos Log Out/In Attendance Monitoring System
  • ICT Web Mobile App
  • Foundation Student Web Grade Appeal System
  • Post-Foundation Student Web Grade Appeal System
  • Asset Tracking Monitoring System
  • Human Resource Management System(HRIS)
  • Publishing Centre Management System
  • Main Store Administration System
  • Online Students Specialization Choice System
  • Event Management System(EMS)
  • Centralized Documents Centre (MS-Sharepoint Server)
  • Engineering Safety Supplies Inventory System
  • Students Information System(SIS)
  • ICDL Online Registration
  • Open Lab Attendance System
  • Clinic System
  • JST System
  • OJT System
  • Technical Students Information System (For Laptop Services)
  • Graduation Ceremony Raffle System
  • Trouble Ticketing System
  • TTS for Web team and Graphics Design team
  • CAF Specialization 2012
  • E-learning Perspective (Moodle)
  • IEEE Students website for ICT
  • ICT Staff Workload System (ISWS)
  • Library Student Login and Logout System
  • ATS Report Module
  • ICT Statistical System
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