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  • ETC Workshop on Institutional Standards (15 April 2015 Wednesday) IT105 10am - 12nn (Posted: 13/04/2015)
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Posted: 31/05/2015 Contributor: Engineering Department
The Champions – Prince of Engineering Competition

The ICT delegation got the top award being the Champions during the recently concluded 3rd Technical Engineering Gathering at Higher College of Technology (HCT) in the Prince of Engineering Competition.

We are extremely jubilant in the Engineering Department for this achievement of our students. Our College Dean, Dr. Azzah Al-Maskari, and Dr. Sami Al-Ghnimi, HOD Engineering expressed their appreciation to the following students who represented ICT in this competition: Ibrahim Khalfan Hamood Al-Mahrouqi (32S11150), B. Tech / Mechanical Engineering, Saif Sulaiman Saif Al-Adhubi (32J1187), B. Tech / Mechanical Engineering, Abduraheem Sa’eed Mohammad Al-Maskari (32S1057), B. Tech / Electronics & Communication, Azhaar Sulaiman Abdullah Al-Hasani (32S10211), B. Tech / Electronics & Communication, Rayya A’amir Sa’oud Al-Jabri (32S1029), B. Tech / Electronics & Communication, Essa Jabir Hamad Al-A’amri (32S1031), B. Tech / Electrical Power

4th Students Forum for Colleges of Technology, 19-22 April 2015, Ibra College of Technology

4th Students Forum for Colleges of Technology, 19-22 April 2015, Ibra College of Technology

Developing and Strengthening of On-The-Job Training students of Ibra College of Technology

ICT Sports Day 2015 - 20 January 2015

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Staff Research & Publications

Siraj.K.K and Ansa Salim (2015), Sustainable Development Initiatives in Financial Service Sector – Learning from Indian Banking Sector, [in] Sulphy, M.M., Nair, V.K and Santhosh V.A.(Eds.), Sustainability and Management Strategy, Proceedings of TIM-Research Conference on Sustainability and Management Strategy 2015, Bonfring Publications, ISBN: 9789384743567.
Posted: 30/04/2015

Venkatesh et al.’s Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) (2003) by Manishankar Chakraborty and Salim Al Rashdi, February 2015
Posted: 27/03/2015

Coproduction of Knowledge: A Literature Review and Synthesis for a University Paradigm, Quality Approaches in Higher Education, American Society of Quality. 6 (1), 37-46 (February, 2015) Munirudheen A., Azza Al- Maskari and Kumudha A.
Posted: 15/02/2015

Student Research & Projects

Electric Two Wheel Self Balancing Personal Transport

by Tahir Hamed Salim Al Mahrouqi, et al.

A Study on the Student Perception towards Entrepreneurship as a Career Option

by Abdul Rahman Saeed Mansoor Al-Naafie & Nawwaf Salim Sbeit Al-Rajhi


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